ASUS p5p800-MX with celeron 355 3.33Ghz no video on boot

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Hi ~ I just bought a new socket 755 ASUS p5p800-MX mobo and a Celeron
355 3.33GHz processor, I insaled everything and douple checked the
connections and when i attempt to boot nothing appears on teh screen.
I know the screen is good for I jsut used it with another machine, I
have no idea where to go from here.  Do I need to Boot with the hard
drive initially or does floppy and CD have to be connected via IDE?

Any help Would be awesome

Send hlp to!

Re: ASUS p5p800-MX with celeron 355 3.33Ghz no video on boot wrote:

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1) Is the ATX 12V 2x2 square power connector plugged in ?
2) Do you have at least BIOS 1005.006 installed ?

Try starting the board with no RAM installed. If the processor
is able to execute BIOS code, there will be a beep error code
that says "RAM missing". That is one way to tell the processor
is working. If the processor was really working, the BIOS
screen would appear on the monitor, with info on POST
memory test, what disks are connected and so on. At that
point, you could press <del>, enter the BIOS and set up
the boot order.

Check the paper label on the BIOS flash chip. Sometimes Asus
prints the release number of the BIOS on there, and that will
tell you whether the minimum release of 1005.006 is met or


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