Asus p3v133 - Pentium III 933mhz

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Dear All,

anyone knows where I can find a newer manual for motherboard Asus
p3v133, so I can set up the motherboard to a Pentium III 933 (the
manual I have only shows how to do it until 733mhz).

Any help is really appreciated it.

thanks in advance.


Re: Asus p3v133 - Pentium III 933mhz

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this is from Asus site -  a FAQ for your mobo

P3V133 can support up to PIII 1GHz and Celeron 800Mhz but you should update
your BIOS to v1002.006 or later, which can be download from the following
website: .
Meanwhile, you can also refer to the following website to get the correct
jumper setting: And a
S370-DL adapter card is required for VIA chipsets based slot 1 motherboards
(P3V4X & P3V133) to support Intel S370 FCPGA form factor CPU.

Re: Asus p3v133 - Pentium III 933mhz
That's the latest. If you still wish to try using a 933 MHz
processor, then
just set the Buss at 133MHz, CPU multiplier at 7,  and
PCI/CPU ratio at 4.
Since the multipliers only go up to 8 you can't use 100MHz
FSB processors
at this level.

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Re: Asus p3v133 - Pentium III 933mhz

On 26 Sep 2005 13:59:49 -0700, wrote:

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You do not need special information to use any P3 CPU.  Set
the FSB correct per the model of CPU (in this case, a 133MHz
FSB).  That's all.  You don't, cannot, set the multiplier
and have it make any difference and the PCI multiplier
should be automatic.  In fact, the multiplier may also be
set automatically.  There is no need to make any change
before installing the CPU- and after it's installed, if it's
not at the right speed then change the FSB.

If your bios is not modern enough, it may not correctly ID
the CPU on the bios POST screen, but that does not
necessarily mean it's at the wrong speed... often it was
only a cosmetic detail and windows utilities (or memtest86+)
should report the actual operational speed for confirmation

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