Asus notebook A7 issues

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Hi guys,

I've got a few questions and I hope you guys can help me.

-  when the battery is fully charged, the estimated time is about 1
hour and 45 minutes (although i've seen specs on the Asus site saying 3
hours battery life!).  I could live with 2 hours (or a little less),
but it appears that --when watching a dvd or divx movie- the battery
will only last for 45 minutes!  Not nearly enough for one short movie!
Is this normal?  Ok, the A7Jc has got a 17" tft, but 45 minutes is very
low, isn't it?

- unfortunately, my cat has already made my LCD screen a little dirty.
Does anyone know what's the best way to clean the tft screen of the A7J
notebook? It's a bright anti-reflection glare-type kind of lcd (bright
colour lcd i think they call it).

-  I read that the A7J on board audio, supports 3d sound.  What if I
would want to have EAX support in games? Would I need to connect an
external audio device supporting EAX or is there a way to connect my
5.1 speakerset to the A7Jc directly?

Many thanks in advance!!


Re: Asus notebook A7 issues wrote:
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DVDS draw more power because ( 1 ) the dvd drive is kept in motion, (
2) The processor  and video chip is at full duty cycle (3) the screen
is continuously lit.

I'll leave the other parts of your question to others.

Re: Asus notebook A7 issues schreef:

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True! But... the laptop from work (a Dell D600) will last for almost
4(!) hours when i'm watching dvd or divx, wireless turned on all the
time, etc.  When i compare 4 hours with 45 minutes, i feel like crying
a little  :-)

Re: Asus notebook A7 issues

On 14 Sep 2006 00:51:10 -0700, ""

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You might try another DVD player software and/or changing
some settings on the present software, it does seem unusual
to only get 45 minutes.

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