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Anyone have any experience with the Asus M3A79-T DELUXE ?  I hae to put
together 6 identical machines with 5 VGA outputs each.  This seemed to be
the only MB under about $300.00 that could give me 2 PCIe x16 V2 slots that
ran at full x16 speed when they were both populated (a third slot for the
5th output can be slower).

However, I bought one to test with an AMD 9700 quad-core, and it didn't
work.  Bought another set of both parts, and it turns out that one of the
CPU's and one of the MB's are bad.  Plus on the 'good' MB, we are having
issues getting the Ethernet port to talk.  We followed all the usuall
anti-static precautions, we've done this before.

Has anyone else had problems with Quality control with this or any other
Asus MB?

Any other thoughts on a suitable MB?

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