Asus laptop won't start

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My 3 year old ASUS A7M wide screen laptop won't start.
When pushing the button it appears to start up for 3 sec and then
immeadiately shuts down. Vista is not close to start up. Pushing F-keys
while starting doesn't do anything. The screen stays black without a
single digit. The only thing I hear is a fan starting and a click.
What can I do?

Re: Asus laptop won't start

On 9/1/2010 9:36 AM, AN wrote:
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(1) Remove the battery

(2) Confirm the AC adapter is putting out the right voltage with a

(3) Remove, inspect and reseat memory modules

(4) Confirm that the fan is in fact running on power-up

(5) Boot from a Linux Live CD and attempt to mount laptop's hard drive

I would suspect something to turn up with these steps.

If not, then it probably means that your Vista install is trashed.  Copy
your user files to a thumb drive using the Linux Live CD.  A full format
and reinstall will reveal if you also have a hard drive problem.

Re: Asus laptop won't start

AN wrote:

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Maybe it's getting too hot super quick because:
- HSF (heatsink and fan) fell off the CPU.
- CPU fan is not spinning or not spinning fast enough.
- The innards are so clogged with dust and lint that air can't flow.

Re: Asus laptop won't start

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Does it get as far as the BIOS screen? or the 3 seconds you referred to
before the BIOS screen even appeared?

I did have a PC where the fans would start for a few seconds and nothing
else, replacing the BIOS battery (of all things) and it came back to life.
Most PCs and laptops will tell you if the BIOS settings have been lost, but
(from my experience) not all. I know its a long-shot but its a simple thing
to check on the PC, but probably difficult to get at on a laptop.
 Brian Cryer

Re: Asus laptop won't start

AN wrote:
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Sounds to me like your screen has gone out.

John Corliss

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