asus dvd-rw - so where's my lightscribe!

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I have an asus dvd-rw drive, model DRW-24B3LT. this drive is supposedly
supports lightscribe, or at least newegg states "lightscribe support."
I downloaded lightscribe software from lightscribe and when I run it the
software says that no lightscribe devices can be detected. Sooooooo do I
need to install a driver, probably not, or does the phrase "lightscribe
support" not mean that the drive supports lightscribe?
I don't even know what I am saying! basically what do I need to use

thanks for your help and for putting up with my rambling question


Re: asus dvd-rw - so where's my lightscribe!

coltrane wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You need to use Lightscribe-enabled apps.

Did you yet install the LSS driver?  You should install the one that
came with the device to ensure it was designed for any variance from the
reference design.  The generic or univeral driver is at:

The purpose of this interface (driver) is described at the following
- LightScribe Label Control API. The communication interface between the
  print engine and the software application
- LightScribe Drive Communication Layer. A high-speed communication path
  that encompasses all hardware communication and control in addition to
  providing hardware status and capabilities
- LightScribe Label Engine. Orchestrates all the system's components. It
  receives label information from the software application, printing
  capabilities from the drive, and labeling parameters from the media.
  The label engine transforms the rectangular label image to the
  optimized circular print format and achieves optimal imaging via:
  * Radial coordinate system. A new coordinate system achieves a
    constant marking density using fixed coordinate precision
  * Image processing. A unique image pipeline transforms continuous tone
    rectangular images to a circular system with scaling, color
    separation, half-toning and pixel mapping
  * Imaging tools. Imaging tools developed for inkjet, laserjet, and
    liquid electrophotography are adapted for the LightScribe imaging
  * Labeling optimization. Novel circular labeling strategies, unique to
    LightScribe, increase label speed and quality

You can get some free Lightscribe-enabled apps at: /

Although 3x the price on non-Lightscribe CDs (in 100 packs for pricing
comparison), whether they are too expensive depends on the volume of CDs
that you intend to burn and over what period of time.  Just be aware
that Lightscribed labels fade over time (2 years but becoming noticable
faded long before that, and that assumes ideal storage conditions; bad
handling can mar or fade the image in just 2 months).  Last I recall, it
took around 20 minutes to etch the Lightscribe label (depends on how
much you are etching).  I believe this can get down to 10 minutes (50%
reduction) but requires you buy v1.2 Lightscribe discs which
significantly ups the cost factor.  Adding the label will add more time
as you burn data, turn the disc, and burn the image.  If you're looking
at producing business-quality optical discs to your customers, look at
printable discs and disc printers.

I got a Lightscribe optical burner drive.  Eventually I uninstalled the
LSS software since I never ended up etching labels on the few
Lightscribe discs that I got.  A buddy did the same thing and he was so
excited about using it but soon realized that it was a poor means of
labelling his discs for his customers.  It's one of those gotcha
technologies that sounds great until you use it.  Too expensive and poor
results if you're going to produce many labelled discs.

Re: asus dvd-rw - so where's my lightscribe!

coltrane wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it


There is no LightScribe mentioned on that page. And yet, other sites
list it as a feature of that drive.

The bundled software includes Nero Essentials. (The Asus download
page, doesn't have copies of everything that is on the CD. So that
isn't a solution.)

My Lightscribe drive, the driver for it was part of Nero Express.
These are the contents of my Nero Express package, which came on
a CD inside the box the drive came in. I don't think half the stuff
listed here, was actually delivered. It's "Express" after all.

 From "D:\CDS\Nero\VersionInfo.txt" of the installer CD.

; APTK Octane
; AudiopluginMgr
; InCD
; LightScribe      <------------
; Nero 3D Studio
; Nero BackItUp OCTANE
; Nero Burn ( for MCE )
; Nero BurnRights
; Nero Container
; Nero CoverDesigner Octane
; Nero EULA Octane
; Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in
; Nero Home
; Nero Imagedrive
; Nero Installer Octane
; Nero MediaStreaming ( for MCE )
; Nero StartSmart 3.7 Octane
; Nero Toolkit CD-DVD Speed
; Nero Toolkit DMA Manager
; Nero Toolkit DriveSpeed
; Nero Toolkit InfoTool
; Nero Vision Express
; Shared Multimedia Components

That doesn't guarantee Lightscribe exists in hardware, just
that some software is in the package for it.

And I seem to remember, a separate installer ran when I
installed Nero. I could later go back, and separately
uninstall the Lightscribe package (because I don't use it).
There were two entries in Add/Remove.

On my CD, the most likely candidate for a separate installer
is "LS_HSI.msi". Burrowing into that, the word Lightscribe is
featured in there. So have a look on your CD, for some files
like that. I use 7-ZIP to "burrow inside", as long as the
file format is one that 7-ZIP understands.

Good luck,

Re: asus dvd-rw - so where's my lightscribe!

me again.
I just realized that the drive I got from newegg wasn't the one I
thought I ordered. same price and specs but no lightscribe. I just read
on the lightscribe site that if the drive does not have the lightscribe
logo it is not supported. well that settles that!


Re: asus dvd-rw - so where's my lightscribe!

coltrane wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Considering the amount of time it takes to burn a label, you're
not missing much.


Re: asus dvd-rw - so where's my lightscribe!

On 11/18/2010 7:47 PM, Paul wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
agree, on asus' site it doesn't mention lightscribe but it does on
newegg's site. I have a full edition of nero version 8 and I didn't see
anything related to lightscribe. I did go to the lightscribe site and
downloaded the "lightscribe system software." After installing it I can
run a control panel applet and that is where I get the message saying
there is no lightscribe device.

oh well I guess there are better things I should spend my time on.

thanks for the help


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