ASUS Chipset Fan

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Can someone tell me how to remove an ASUS chipset fan ??  TIA

Re: ASUS Chipset Fan


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No because you didn't tell us exactly which one it is.
Normally it's screwed into the heatsink.  On some you have
to take the whole 'sink off using the push-pins to get at
the screws on the back.  To get the push pins out you have
to remove the board from the case or cut them off from the
front meaning you would need to replace the push pins since
they can't be reused if they're cut off.

Re: ASUS Chipset Fan

Goff wrote:
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If the fan is held in place with nylon push pins, you can see an
illustration in this Flash movie, right at the beginning. (0).swf

The "pointy" end, has an expansion property. Once pushed through
a hole in the motherboard, the tip springs apart, and cannot
be pulled back out.

There are two ways to remove them.

1) Cut the top flat part off. Then the pin can no longer hold the
    fan in place. That ruins the pin, so it cannot be reused. Fine,
    if you have new nylon pins to take their place.

2) Remove the motherboard from the computer case. *Carefully* compress
    the forked tip of the pins, and push it backwards. If you're not
    careful, the tool you use could slip off and strike the motherboard.
    Nylon is slippery, and if you use pliers to compress the pin,
    chances are they'll slip off.

By doing (2), you get to reuse the pin. Then, when you put your new
fan on, just push the old pin back to hold the new fan in place.


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