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I bought a PC with ASUS ASM58 Mozart-2 motherboard. Unfortunetely, drivers
were not added to my PC... Let me know, from where can I download these
drivers? website is unavailable, so I cannot contact even with tech

Re: asus asm58

win_pytacz wrote:
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ASM58 and Mozart-2 are terms found in a discussion of lmsensors.
That is not the name of your motherboard. Try again.

Mozart II is used on Terminator P4's motherboard. Maybe that is what
you are referring to.

To gather more info about your motherboard, try downloading Everest and
use the Motherboard:motherboard entry, to get the name of the motherboard.
Looking at the surface of the motherboard, for a name printed in white
letters, is also a possible solution to identify the motherboard in
question. Even the name of the barebones case itself, is useful info.

The Asus download page can be used to find drivers - example for Terminator P4


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Hello again,

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Thank a million man. Of course it was not my motherboard name... What a
shame. Now, I solve this problem at least :) Thank once again! :)

Re: asus asm58

On Sat, 15 Dec 2007 13:24:15 +0100, "win_pytacz"

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Keep trying their 'site, it seems working now.

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