Asus A8NE-FM: should I replace it? what would you do in my place?

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I just bought a new pc, after choosing each component with the seller.

The pc has an ASUS A8NE-FM motherboard (processor AMD ATHLON62 x2 3800
socket 939.

I chose the A8NE-FM after reading positive comments

After 1 month I checked on the ASUS site to verify if there was any bios
update and I could not find A8NE-FM listed, but only A8NE. I was
puzzled. I contacted ASUS and they replied that the A8NE-FM is a bulk
motherboard they produce for other producers (e.g Fujitsu-Siemens) but
they DO NOT SUPPORT it at all, no updates, no support.

My fault! I did not understand that they were 2 different motherboards!

I went back to the seller and he said he can replace it but I should pay
for the installation of a new one (plus the difference)

What should I do? Keep my motherboard (that works very well) and live
happy with it or should I worry about the difficulties in updating bios
(actually bios are released by Fujitsu-Siemens for their own
machines...should I try to use them?) and ask for a replacement, paying
other money?

Do you think this can be a serious concern?

Thank you!


Re: Asus A8NE-FM: should I replace it? what would you do in my place?

On Sun, 18 Dec 2005 21:48:37 GMT, Meccano

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Are they the same board otherwise?  
Do you feel Fujitsu-Siemens will release bios updates in a
timely fashion to address any bugs?  Are they demonstrating
this policy with other now aging boards?

If the motherboard is nearly identical, having same north
and southbridge, Super IO, sound, lan or whatever else, it's
entirely possible you might be able to run the regular Asus
non-FM bios on it, but I dont' know if these two are similar
enough, you'll have to determine that on your own.

Otherwise, does it run stabily, all features work ok?  If so
the larger issue might be whether anyone supports it for
warranty purposes, but beyond that, how much it'd cost to
switch.  I'd be inclined to just keep it.

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