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    I have an old AST Advantage 6075 computer I bought from Future Shop
in 1995. I have restored the thing to the original software, including
the Windows 3.11 operating system. I want to get it out of my garage
and send it to a good home. (Not an 'old folks home'). Do people have
a need or desire for such an antique? I've never heard of a PC
'museum'.? Any thoughts? Thanks.

Re: AST Advantage pc

On 6/27/2010 5:36 PM, Motor T wrote:
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I would recommend putting it up on eBay.  There are a lot of collectors
out there.  Even though I don't think your system is a prime candidate
for historians, it's unlikely that someone will bid on it unless they
have some sentimental interest.

Explain that you're looking for a good home, that you've done
restoration, and that you're basically just looking for shipping costs.
  If you have accessories, like the original installation disks, make
sure to mention them, as this will be a draw for someone trying to
recapture their history.

You have my sympathy.  I have carefully restored some older systems
which I simply cannot afford to store.  Even after getting someone to
take it, I fear that it ends up in a dumpster, or shredded on an African

Re: AST Advantage pc

Grinder wrote:
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    Thanks for reply Grinder. I guess I'll pull the plug on my old friend
when I get back from vacation. Maybe I can find some student of
computers, or just someone curious, on Craigslist. If I can get rid of
it locally I would be able to show them the trick, i.e: Windows runs
inside of DOS and must be closed before shutting down DOS. I think I
even have a "DOS for Dummies" book around here somewhere. Thanks again.

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