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I got a new router from Comcast.
The new router is a Arris TM722G.  Unfortuately, now it does not work with my wireless system, Linksys E2000.
Does anyone have any suggestions or places to look.  I tried Linksys and Googling, so was wondering if anyone here any suggestions.  I want to take back the new router and go back to my old one.  
Does anyone know why the update was made.  Abilty to throddle and better FBI surveilence?

Re: arris tm722G

Deodiaus wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

    "... call Comcast support for modem activation. All that involved
     was reading the modem MAC address to them and it began working
     immediately while I was on the phone."

The documentation from is the typical OEM-style
documentation. The user guide (so-called) doesn't mention
the web interface. And the web guide, doesn't mention any models
the guide applies to.

Generally, you set up equipment, starting from the wall, and working
towards your computer. For example, if you connected
a computer to the GbE port on the Arris, completed the above step, and
have basic functions on the computer, that is half the battle.

The Arris box could have a web interface. You would have a look
in there first. And either enter a fresh Admin password when prompted,
or enter the existing password.

The Linksys has to be pointed to the gateway presented by the Arris. On my
setup here, I actually use two different subnets (one on the modem/router
box, one on the separate router box) for this task. But I don't really
know how to advise you from this distance. It could be the WAN settings
on the E2000 that need to be tweaked a bit.

Step 1:

     Arris --- Computer  (call Comcast, activate via MAC address)
                         (You should at least set the password on the Admin
                          account. Instead of leaving a default value. Perhaps
                          pressing Reset on the Arris will prepare you for this.)

Step 2:

     Arris --- Linksys --- Computer (Check the WAN settings in Linksys)

With any luck, you won't need to touch the wireless stuff on the Linksys,
which is on the LAN side of the Linksys.

And I think a ton of people have already done this, so Googling for
it should find something you recognize. I can't be sure of anything,
looking at the documents I could find. The same thing happened to
me when I set up my OEM box - it was a giant PITA. The only good thing
was, my OEM box was completely unlocked, and all three password levels
were open. Some OEM boxes, not all the levels are open. If Comcast shipped
the box to you, the password may not be provided. The reason some of
these boxes have several password levels, is so the ISP controls
some settings, and leaves a few (lower level ones) for the end-user.


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