Are they making Hard Disks out of lighter material?

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I didnt notice any big differences with the Seagate 160 and my other
recent 200 gig Maxtors and WDs but I just installed an 80gig WD and it
feels like its made of styrofoam. its really light like its made

Id also like to say that LEADTEK wasnt THAT BAD after all just to be
fair.  I had the impression they stunk pretty badly a year or more ago
but that they were improving recently as some more recent posts had
said. I did get fast service --- one day RMA authorization by email
and I sent the thing in which they said took 4-5 days and then they
sent a replacement (according to them) within two days. Thats fast.

ABIT and ASUS took 3-4 weeks. They get your board then they take as
long as two weeks to finally give one to UPS or FEDEX which takes
another few days or week in my case.

The problem here is Leadtek has a very poor system for RMAs --- ABit
has a whole account system setup at their website so that you create
an account and all the info is update there so you can see when they
got your board, when they sent it out etc. They will also cross ship a
board if you give them $105 or so (at least thats the way it was when
I did it a while ago) as collateral to hold until they get your bad

Leadtek despite their improvement ,  doesnt answer the telephone much
at all and they often dont answer emails too. Second since they dont a
structured detailed RMA system thats open to the customer at their
website --- you dont get ANY feedback as to whats going unless you
call incessantly or email them all the time and its hard to get
through. Since the time can take weeks it drives you insane. And
finally they use the post office which adds to the lack of reliability
and information of the whole situation.  The USPS took almost two
weeks to get the board to me which convinced me it was lost in the
ozone and totally negated any time savings from fast service by

On the plus side they sent me a brand new looking board , a whole
retail box with accessories. Its the same model but a newer version.
They also have written on the RMA sheet in the box - a blurb that they
stress tested the board since I told them I didnt want another bad cap
board. The down side though is they are using GSC caps though who
knows , youd think even the cap makers have learned their lesson by
now as well as the board makers.  However EPOX according to customers
posts was replacing their bad caps (GSCs) with TEAPOs which the
customers called the "good caps" ,  Im assuming Leadtek isnt so dumb
or sleazy as to purposely or not , still be dumping bad cap boards
onto the public .  If they arent then all they really have to do is
update their website by copying Abits system.

Re: Are they making Hard Disks out of lighter material?

i disasembled an old 2gb drive last month.

the heavyist(is that a word, lol) bits are the drive head assembly and the
chassis. The one i had felt like pure steel and wieghs about .25kg i guess,
i imagine that they use alloys and such for the components in newer drives.
plus the materials for the patters are different to encourage better

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Re: Are they making Hard Disks out of lighter material?

On Fri, 01 Apr 2005 17:15:35 GMT, "Veritech"

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I was just wondering if theres going to be a new wave of cost saving
changes on all the HDs that make them really light. I noticed there's
a new wave of miniaturization with consumer electronics and also
making things lighter. Ive never held a HD that felt this light.  

All the recent cheaper DVD players Ive bought and looked at were
either super slim and lightweight (cheap feeling) or they were even
worse --- shrunk down like a car radio and super cheap looking.
Its great you can get a progressive scan dvd player for $20-30
nowadays since December but many of the players look like an anceint
car cassette radio player from the 1980s s tacky and cheap.

I just got a new cable modem to replace my second one and its slightly
bigger than a cigarette pack and cheap plastic looking.

Re: Are they making Hard Disks out of lighter material?

its the drive my manufacturers to boost profits. most don't care quality
isn't an issue as long as it works. take cheap pc cases, the steel some of
them use must be so thin if you sat on it it would fold, yet it holds your
components so everyones happy.

in their defence cheaper stuff makes cheaper stuff for you and me, TV's and
such wouldn't be so wide spread if not for "cheaper" manufacturers, and hey
they do whats required.
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Re: Are they making Hard Disks out of lighter material?

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heaviest :P

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