Apple monitor on Windows PC

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One of my clients has a 21" flat panel APPLE monitor. It has a single DVI
connection (no power connection). Would he be able to use this monitor on
Windows systems, assuming the Windows PC also has a DVI connection?
This is the first monitor I've seen that draws it's power through the DVI
cable. I'm not sure if this is something exclusive to apple or if I just
need to find the right VC with a particular type of DVI connector.

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Re: Apple monitor on Windows PC

Alceryes wrote:
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This looks like it might fit the ticket:

I spoke with "Art" at We Love Macs, but he's an idiot, so I can't really
trust what he has to say about that adapter's use with a PC.  The
write-up suggests that you can:

| With DVIator both older Macs and PCs can vastly improve
| the user experience by displaying their data on a shiny
| new ADC Cinema Display.

It does make this caveat, however:

| Other computers or video cards with a DVI connector must
| provide support for Apple ADC flat panel displays in their
| firmware or drivers. If in doubt please ask the manufacturer
| of the video card.

Good luck!

Re: Apple monitor on Windows PC

It's EXCLUSIVE to Apple.


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Re: Apple monitor on Windows PC

When I was looking at one at CompUSA, I believe the salesman said there
was an adapter to make them useable.  I bet most stores that sell them
and PCs would have such a thing.

But go to the site below and look past the middle of the page concerning
  PC compatible. /


DaveW wrote:
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