Apple keyboard on a pc?

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I was thinking of buying a wired usb keyboard from apple for my pc. Does
anyone know whether it will work on a pc and whether its keys will be

I am not interested in its apple-specific functionality like adjusting
sound volume and screen brightness, but I do want keys like pgup/pgdn and
end/home to work like they should.

Re: Apple keyboard on a pc?

On 6/2/2010 9:04 PM, Rookie wrote:
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There are windows drivers available.  They're needed for windows
installs on Intel Macs.  As of a few weeks ago, the mighty mouse drivers
were a little flakey, but the keyboard drivers seems to work well enough.

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I haven't really made an exhaustive study of the matter, but I'm
confident the basic 101 keys (or whatever) will work.

Re: Apple keyboard on a pc?

Rookie wrote:
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Is there a particular reason you want the Apple keyboard ?

I have one of the beige/white Mac keyboards, with the thin black
lettering on the keycaps, and I find it hard to read. It is not one
of my preferred keyboards.

I also have an Apple Extended keyboard, and I find it a bit
easier to read the keycaps on the top.

To use the Apple Extended keyboard, I have a Griffin ADB to USB
adapter, and tested it within the last year on my current PC. And
it worked. The Apple "squiggly" key didn't do anything. And of
course the Windows-specific keys are missing, but I was surprised
it worked so well. I had both that keyboard and my regular
Keytronics keyboard connected at the same time while testing.
So there are ways to use ancient Apple ADB keyboards, if you wanted to.

My current Keytronics keyboard has pgup/pgdn and end/home, so I've
already got those keys. I've beat the hell out of this one, and
it still works. The Shift, A, and S, are worn enough they're getting
hard to read. I think this keyboard is from my first PC.


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