AOpen XC Cube EZ65-II (sff)

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Anyone have any experience with them?

It'll be my first sff build, so I'm not entirely sure about them.
What sort of processor (up to x GHz) can I put in?
Why shouldn't I spend less and get the  EZ661? To me the specs looks pretty

If anyone has any advice (or alternatives, I don't want to spend any more
than STG£150) I'd appreciate it.


Re: AOpen XC Cube EZ65-II (sff)

I would go for an amd sff as amd chips tend to produce less heat than their
prescott smoking counterparts, plus you get more for your money.
If you go to the aopen website
and check there,
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Re: AOpen XC Cube EZ65-II (sff)

Cheers for that.
Out of interest how can I compare an Intel chip with an AMD chip?
As I said I'm new to building, and I'm familiar with Intel chips, so I know
I'll get enough power for what I want to do with a 3Ghz.
Is there a site that says a 3Ghz compares to a xxxx AMD chip?


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Re: AOpen XC Cube EZ65-II (sff)

If you look at the amd chips they all have 4 figure ratings such as
Athlon 64 3000+

the "3000" bit is what us folks call the PR number, its meant to stand for
3Ghz. But in fact the processor actually works at 2.0Ghz, now before you say
thats a rip off, its not. AMD processors do more work per cycle(hz) than
intel ones do. Because of that the behave like an p4 3Ghz but with alot less
heat. In fact in gaming applications amd beat intel in most situations. The
only thing that intels are really good at is media encoding(mp3 converting

i read someone put it a little like this

If processors were buses, Intel's p4 buses would be smaller fast bus that
don't carry many people but are "faster" than the bigger amd buses which
carry more people per trip.
This site compares all the processors for the last 15 years! check all the
benchmarks and see which ones are closest to what you want to be doin with
the pc.

i would recommend you get a 754 skt xc cube and get a Athlon 64 3000+(skt
754) careful with the processor as you might pick up the 939 version by
accident. Buy it oem as those cubes "always" tend to come with a hsf. the
cpu should set you back around £85. which is a whole lot cheaper than the P4

Hope i answered your question
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Re: AOpen XC Cube EZ65-II (sff)

Excellent stuff! That explains it perfectly to me. Cheers....

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