Aopen AOI-908 WEP Key Challenge

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I am trying to help a friend get their wireless back up and protected.  She
has a Aopen AOI-908 wireless router.   It indicates in the manual the
length of a WEP128 key needs to be 13.   It also indicates that it needs to
be in the format of xx-xx-xx-xx...  for Hex.

We selected WEP128 Key 1 Hex and have tried a number of different
combination, but keep getting invalid encryption key error.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Aopen AOI-908 WEP Key Challenge

Mark Williams wrote:
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Hex includes the numbers 0-9, letters a-f.  The key is entered without
"-" in Wireless Zero Configuration.  Lower case letters are usually
fine.  Set or generate the key in the router first, then enter into the
access permission in each computer's WZC.


Re: Aopen AOI-908 WEP Key Challenge

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 21:31:03 -0700, "Mark Williams"

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If all else fails, write down any changed settings then
reset the router (consult manual, might need the button held
in for several seconds, possibly while turning it on).

Start out simple, key 0 and all "0" for the key.  Get it to
work then move on to the preferred key setting.

"13" may mean 13 groups of 2 characters, typically it's 26
characters total.  Try just typing 26 zeros in a row and do
the same on the client (laptop or desktop) system.  If that
doesn't work then try the 26 characters as 13 groups of 2
seperated by the dashes.

Is this WInXP on the client(s)?  Do they see a secured
network they can't connect to?  If not (or even if so), what
feedback does the OS present currently, any further details
might help if the above isn't enough.

If the zeros work then proceed to assign a custom key, of
course re-entering same key on the clients.  They usually do
not have dashes on the clients but I dont' have your router

Re: Aopen AOI-908 WEP Key Challenge

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  "as you enter additional numbers up to the 26-characters
   necessary for WEP-128"

Also, see item #14 here, which shows one 128 bit key and
three 40 bit keys.


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