Anyone use "driversheadquarters"?

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VAR Business, (Apr 18,2005), has an article about using:

to check if the latest Windows drivers are installed.  The site offers a
free scan of your computer.

I tried it this morning and it found: "WRONG Drivers installed 44%",
with a list of the "BAD" drivers it found.  It offered to allow me to
download the "Correct Drivers" for a one-time fee of $29.95.

I went to the site for my MSI K8MM, (VIA), motherboard and downloaded
the latest drivers from there and installed them.  On a re-visit to
driversheadquarters, it still showed the same "BAD" drivers.

On a look at my WindowsXP Pro's Device Manager,  the drivers were listed
as VIA drivers, but their "Properties" showed MS drivers.

I don't have any problems, and I am not trying to fix a system that's
not broke, but I do like to keep things up-to-date.  Anybody tried this
site?  Is it a complete scam?

Virg Wall

Re: Anyone use "driversheadquarters"?

VWWall wrote:
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I'm sure it's a scam...
if your machine is working have nothing to worry about.
I get all the drivers I need from
and it's free!
A while back I had an HP scanner and even the HP website did not have
the right drivers for it...
but I went to and they had HP drivers from a
division of HP in a different country...and they worked perfectly!

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