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Hello All,

I bought components for two computers from this Scan company in the past 18
months. The first one went like a dream and the second like a nightmare.

In the second one, after I installed the ASUS motherboard and made all the
connections carefully, everything to the manual's instructions, I switched
on and it immediately started to pour smoke from near an edge of the board -
around the lowest PCI slot. Of course, I switched off immediately and
removed the board and returned it to Scan. They never gave me any benefit of
doubt and asked me to sign a document, essentially throwing away my rights.
The idea was that I was agreeing to them approaching their supplier for a
replacement and "doing their best" to get a replacement for me. What B.S.!

I told them that I would not ask for a replacement if they could prove that
the motherboard and the power supply were in perfect condition when they
were delivered to me. They never responded.

I assembled my first computer in 1992/3 and never had this kind of failure
before. In all I installed about 15 new motherboards and swapped around at
least 7 or 8 used ones, without any problems. I know how to discharge the
static electricity with a grounded wrist strap and how to avoid handling any
component on the motherboard - gripping the edge of the board where there
are no components.

For many years I lived in the U.S., and never had a problem returning a
component but then I never had one that was dead on arrival with me.

Has anyone had experience of this company? and do you know of any other
supplier in the U.K. which doesn't think the customer is always stupid pig?



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mangled uncounted electrons thus:

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Well, I just spent something over 500 on assorted components
from them. The mobo failed to boot; I spoke to them (yes, by
telephone!) and they agreed immediately to RMA both the mobo and
PSU, as the most likely causes of the problem I was experiencing.
They arranged courier pickup of the parcel at their expense on a
Thursday; by the following day they had confirmed that the PSU
was fine but the mobo was U/S. They ordered in a new mobo (they
didn't have one in stock at that point) and sent both the PSU and
the new mobo back to me just last Thursday. End of story - I'm
posting this off my new system...

I've bought quite a few bits and pieces from Scan over the past 5
years or so (the components for my previous system came mostly
from them) and I've never had any problems.

Martin D. Pay
This is a wholly unsolicited testimonial!!!

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Thanks Davy, Paul and Martin for your helpful responses.

It seems like it's two up and two down - 50% each way.

When I had the email exchange with Scan, I was unaware that there
are Small Claims Courts in the U.K. Then, about two weeks ago, I was
to the BBC and there was a mention of them. I am very familiar with the US
ones, having taken 4 cases there and having won all 4.

Now, I'll dig up the invoice number and the order date and will go online
to find who at Scan to fire the case at - probably the owner or CEO.
Then I will write them an email and, if they don't play ball, I'll see
in court.

Thanks again for your time and efforts.


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