Anyone build their own PC driving "cockpit"?

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Just wondering how hard it would be to build a racing cockpit utilizing a
real steering wheel & pedals.

Anyone ever try?

Re: Anyone build their own PC driving "cockpit"?

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006 07:48:33 GMT, "Noozer"

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One problem with the steering wheel is going to be that a
real wheel is splined to fit on to the steering shaft while
a controller base is almost certainly not going to have a
compatible mating, so you'd have to make an adapter.  Whole
assembly would also be rather heavy, I'd wonder if the
plastic housing would then crack.

The above is within the context of starting out with a
ready-made racing set and moddin' it.  If you were trying to
start from scratch, that's a lot more work as you still need
to make an *adapter* for the wheel as well as a thrust plate
(you can't just couple a heavy steering wheel to a
potentiometer, it's not built for that kind of stress) and
bearing system that is then coupled to the POT.

Pedals- again similar problems in that they're specifically
designed for a given car.  It would be easy enough to make a
wood base, then you'd want to put a bracket on it and source
a tension spring for pedal return since it's not going to a
carb or throttle-body anymore, and of course a second
coupling to a varister or whatever.  Apprpriate drivers for
that- I have no idea.  Steering could use an analog (or
digital if you'd built it that way) joystick interface but
multi-positional, variable throttle or brakes would be more
difficult, maybe if the game allowed setting one or both of
those to a Y or Z axis joystick control, or if a pre-set
raching wheel/pedal driver already mapped it out that way.

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