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Re: Any good tool for defragmentation?

[mfk] wrote:
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In the old days I remember that Norton had a good defragmenter. I don't
know if they still do but you could look into it.

Re: Any good tool for defragmentation?

Somewhere on teh interweb ProfGene typed:
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IMO the best defragger for XP is Raxco's PerfectDisk. It's all I'll use, and
I've tried a few.


Re: Any good tool for defragmentation?

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Defrag Software (free):

Auslogics Disk Defrag -
"does not appear to have any advantages over the standard Windows
defragmenter, other than a slightly more user friendly interface".

Defraggler (beta) -
"from Piriform, the company that brought you CCleaner and Recuva"

Diskeeper Lite -
 - "Faster than the built-in Windows equivalent, but has lesser features.
Note that Diskeeper Lite replaces the built-in Windows defragmentation tool
when you install it, so that you can no longer run the Windows version
alongside this new version. That is, you cannot get the best of both worlds.
If you use XP, which has a much-improved defrag utility than earlier
versions, it may be best to simply use the built-in defragmentation tool
instead of this program." 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Defragmentor Lite CL -
 - "command line tool that allows you to defragment a file or group of
files." 2000/2003/XP.

DefragNT -
 - "(possibly renamed to DefragXP) Supports NTFS partitions only on XP but
handles FAT partitions under all three OSes." NT/2000/XP

Dirms = /
 - Supposedly 'Do It Right MicroSoft', is a command line utility to
defragment your entire hard disk while Buzzsaw is a behind-the-scenes
(on-the-fly) defragmentation program that tries to keep your hard disk
defragmented while you work. Dirms not only defragments your hard disk, but
it tries to optimize the amount of contiguous free space available. Buzzsaw
is useful for people who don't want to bother with things like
defragmentation - it is one of those fire and forget programs that work only
when your computer is idle. Both programs require Windows 2000/XP."

Free Defragmenter -,guid,ce99367e-158c-487a-879d-b32145cc1957.aspx

IObit Smart Defrag -

JK Defrag - (Highly recommended)

O & O defrag 2000(+XP) -

PageDefrag -
 - "defrags your Windows page file, Registry hives, event log files and
hibernation files. These are files that the built-in Windows defragger is
unable to defragment since they are open for exclusive access when Windows
is running. PageDefrag is a boot-time defragmentation utility - it reboots
the computer and defragments those files at boot-time, that is, before all
the subsystems in Windows start up. The utility only works in Windows

Power defrag (lite 2.0) -
 - "Power Defrag 2.00 Lite is freeware. It can be distributed freely with no
limitations except that it may not be sold. Power Defrag 2.00 Pro is
registered shareware." 2000/XP

Speed defrag -
 - "restarts your computer, which refreshes the RAM and loads just the
defrag.exe program." XP/Vista

Ultra Defrag -

Whitney Defrag -

WinContig -
 - Ntfs only. On demand file or folder defrag

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