any experience with all in one color laser?

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i am looking for good suggestions for a color all in one (copier/
I found a hp 2840 but there are bad reviews about it, now i am think
about the xerox 6115 MFP but there are not much reviews.
So now i hope you can help me with good suggestions. I will use it for
regular mailings, some times photo prints. but most of time i use it
for regular office printing.
What is important to look for?
-spare toner compartments for each color.(4)
-black printing without use of color laser
-??? any suggestion welcome

Specialy when you use the xerox 6115 it is more than welcome that you
send your review.

greetings from holland

Re: any experience with all in one color laser?

On Tue, 23 Oct 2007 08:17:58 -0700,

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Define a budget.  Quality all-in-one color lasers climb in
price very fast.

Estimate your print load using color.  Some smaller
all-in-ones have pathetically small toner cartridges, and
some have other *consumables* that have to be replaced,
maybe every 20K pages or so, besides the toner cartridges
(like a transfer belt).

Estimate the anticipated lifespan you want (being realistic,
everybody wants everything to last forever, but how long
till you expect to replace it keeping in mind longer life =
more cost).

Maybe a better way to put it is that it often costs a
premium to get a scanner on top of a color laser, and the
scanner usually isn't very good.  There are really only two
main benefits of the configuration.
1)  take up less space
2)  Quick one-touch copying possible without using the

The downside of #2 is when the quickness of copying is
achieved by using LED light source instead of a CCFL tubes
which have a warm-up time, which is slower but a better
scanner technology offering far better scaling of contrast
and larger focal depth.

Since it is for "regular office printing", the generic
answer is: larger is better.  It should be a really big
printer, that allows a less tight paper path, space for more
durable gears/belts/etc.,  larger toner cartridges.  For
office use I wouldn't even consider anything that takes < 6K
page individual color cartridges (plus black - separate

With the 6115, maybe 4K5 page color carts are acceptible,
but it doesn't seem like a very high capacity for office B&W
text printing.  I have no idea of  your workload though,
some places would burn through one of those carts pretty
quickly especially if printing things with color (tending to
range higher in % coverage than B&W text does).

Sorry I don't have a model recommendation, I'm still of the
opinion it's better/more cost effective to get a much larger
capacity color laser and use a separate scanner.  Plus,
having an all-in-one color laser can be an invitation for
others to really drive up your costs by making it TOO
convenient to copy things not so "work-related".  Larger
printers can often log per-user stats including requiring
passwords so you can keep track of where all the toner went.

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