Any clue ?

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I'm new here.

The last two nights, I have experienced something really weird. I
wonder if anything like this has ever happened to anyone, here.

Two days ago around 11:00PM, I was playing MVP Baseball 2005 and
suddenly, everything on the screen became "greener". I kept playing and
five minutes later, the graphics became normal again.

Last night, around 10:15PM, I was watching a TV show with my TV Tuner
card and suddenly, the same thing happened again and five minutes later
everything came back to normal.

What could be the problem ? The monitor ? The video card ?

I use a CRT Viewsonic moniteur PF790 (about 5 years old). Otherwise,
the monitor is fine. My video card is a Radeon 9800 Pro which is about
10 months old. No other graphic related problem to mention. P-4 3.2
GHz, 1Gb of RAM.

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Re: Any clue ?

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hello new here...........

last time this happened to me it was a 6 year old AOC monitor.......

I had access to another monitor so could check it was not the card.

can you not borrow a monitor............anyway its time for an upgrade,
things are cheaper now.

Re: Any clue ?

That symptom is, more often than not, a clue that the monitor is failing.


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Re: Any clue ?

padutou wrote:
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Swap out the video card for a day or two or swap the monitor.

Re: Any clue ?


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could be just a bad contact for VGA cable inside monitor or on
contacts on a video card connector (check that with moving/fiddling
with the cable a bit; maybe contacts got oxidated ...)
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