Another Viewsonic LCD Monitor Problem

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There was a post on March 29th entitled "LCD Monitor problem in DVI
mode".  Well I have exactly the same problem with my Viewsonic LCD
panel.  Except I have the 23 inch model ((VP2330wb) and I am using the
ATI Radeon X1600 video card.  When I got this machine a couple of months
ago everything worked fine.  I was able to use the monitor in DVI-D mode
and I ran my display at 1920*1200*60hz.  but one day things went poof.
I booted up the machine, saw the Windows startup screen and then  I got
the "no digital signal" and I haven't been able to run the monitor in
DVI-D mode since.  And I tried using another DVI cable and it didn't
work either.  Works fine with the VGA cable and I am still running at
1920*1200*60hz.  Has anyone experienced this using an ATI video card?

Thanks for your assistance,


Re: Another Viewsonic LCD Monitor Problem

Hi Don -

I was the one who had the problem you mentioned. I use NVIDIA and the
solution for me was to change the settings for custom timing in the driver.
I selected "no latency" and all of a sudden everything worked. I had tried
at least 8 different drivers with no luck but with that change, everything
went fine from there on.

Don't know if this will apply to an ATI card but search all the advance
settings and see if you can find something related to monitor timing. This
has nothing to do with the refresh rate. In my case the Viewsonic defaults
to 60.

I would also suggest an uninstall/clean/reinstall cycle for the driver.

Good luck!


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Re: Another Viewsonic LCD Monitor Problem

Don wrote:
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So why didn't you post this as a reply to that article, and watch
the replies?

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