Another Laptop to TV question

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Hi everyone,

Last night I tried to set my laptop up to show on my HDTV (Samsung)
using a VGA to Component cable (I have no S-Video output on my laptop,
an IBM ThinkPad T60). I also bought an 1/8" to RCA cable for the audio.
I changed the settings on my laptop so that it cloned both the laptop
screen and the TV, but on the TV all I got was three columns in black
and white of what was showing on my laptop screen, and only when I had
something like Firefox open (which doesn't need the screen to be
refreshed constantly). I messed around with the resolution settings on
my laptop for a good while, but nothing seemed to work. The refresh rate
is at 60 hz and I tried 680x460 or whatever, but the TV screen continued
to show those three columns.

As a side note, another peculiarity was that when I plugged the RCA
inputs for audio to the TV, the audio worked for a split second then
stopped working. I thought that was strange.

anyway, I'm just about at the point of giving up now. The reason I
wanted to do this is so I can watch movies that I've got on my computer
on my TV, plus I hate having to use this clunky external speaker which
is half the size of my laptop.

Thanks for any responses, sorry if I'm missing any info.

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