Another dead Maxtor

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Not a rant here... Just an FYI...

I had a 120gig Maxtor fail on me last night. About a years use on it. It was
a replacement for a previously failed drive. Luckily nothing important was

At least getting an Advance RMA was easy. Just waiting for the new drive to

Re: Another dead Maxtor

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Yeah theres a lot of Maxtor bashers.  Strangely enough Ive never had
any problems with them and Im still running several. Ones a 60 gig
several years old in my 3rd PC and there are several other small ones
that are several years old in relatives and friends PCs. Ive got one
1.5  yrs old in my second PC.  

In fact about 5-6 years ago thats all that was on sale at COMPUSA so I
only bought Maxtors. They were the first ones to do the aggressive
rebate sales so I bought lots of them for neighbors etc. Havent heard
any big problems yet. One of my neighbors is running a 4 yr old 40
giggter I think. There was a report that DELL started having problems
with Maxtors 2 years ago I think so they dropped them but thats about
the only thing I heard. Right before the takeover they stopped selling
them around here but since Seagate took them over theyve been on sale

Re: Another dead Maxtor

1: Could it be: good news is no news ?
Few ppl start a thread bragging about an excellent disk...
2: The only good disk is a silent disk that runs for 5 years, without
noticing the thing, without having to talk about it.
After 5 years the  thing blows up, you buy a new one, install Windows
2012 or whatever the release is then, restore your daily backup and on
you go.
3: Or: up till now, most disks did not run till the end of their
technical life. Life was determined by Windows, processors, memory,
software size ... etc.
Technical life span is rather irrelevant...
Like clothes: the quality irrelevant: they go out of fashion in a
I have a stack of 2Gb disks laying around here, perfectly good,
gathering dust, just  waiting for the owner to say goodbye to them.
it is too difficult (emotionally and technically) to destroy them
effectively (=opening them and sandpapering the disks)

4: Only (or most)  **answers** are about good experiences...

Difficult to get a somewhat objective picture, here on the net.

Re: Another dead Maxtor

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That's nothing - I only recently forced myself to get rid of a 5.25 inch
floppy drive. Next step is to do the same with the very floppy disks that I
used to use in it!!

Re: Another dead Maxtor

On Wed, 02 Aug 2006 17:39:31 +0200, Osiris <> wrote:

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I have bought WD drives since the 1990s. I have never had a problem. I
retire them as archives when they get too small. I have never had one
go bad.

I just ran Spinrite 6.0 on three WD 80GB drives which have been in
service for about a year. Not one defect on anyone of them.


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Re: Another dead Maxtor

Bob wrote:
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I've had 2 WD and both failed after about 3 years. I know many people who've
had problems with WD in even less time, but I must say it was about 7-8 years
ago. There might have been a period when WD had reliability concerns.

I now run 2 Quantum Fireball: 4 and 2 GB. No problem whatsoever ever. Those
were really good HD. Too bad the company was sold to Maxtor. Now Seagate has
bought Maxtor, but I'm not sure it will help. It doesn't seem reliability is
considered as important as it once was... All that counts are the big figures.

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