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Thank you, Jeff, for an informed opinion.  I'm not at the same site as the
equipment (it's in the storage building where the other stuff going to the
boat is at the moment).  So, particularly since this week is chock-a-block
with medical stuff related to my ability to leave, it will have to wait
until next week.  However...

I'll try setting one of the units to CH1, the other to 11, both of them on
the 10 set net, and adding another custom net of the 10 class to my DHCP
enabled wifi internal.

Of course, I'd far rather make what I have, having already spent the bux
toget them, work, so this is encouraging.   In particular, with two 200mw
units, one for each end's activity, it surely seems that I'll have great
coverage.  However, I'm curious as to why a repeater wouldn't work - or,
were you referring to *adding* a repeater to what I have as not working?

Finally, as originally configured, these were two modules (no cases, but the
breadboard allowing the PCMCIA card to operate outside the computer),
separated by standoffs, in the same weatherproof housing, with the 20" stick
out the top on a lightning arrestor/protector and the duck out the bottom,
both powered by house (12V DC, nominal) power.  Do you see any problems with
this arrangement?

I'll report back when I've attempted your setup.

Thanks again.



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