annoying usb problem

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My motherboard is USB 1.1 enabled and has a few USB ports available on
the back.  The front USB ports have broken so I purchased a USB hub and
a generic USB 2.0 card.

I don't really know whether installing the USB 2.0 card gets me that
speed if the motherboard's onboard support is only USB 1.1 standard but
since it uses the PCI bus I assume it must be faster.

My real problem is when hooking up USB external drives or camera card
readers to either the hub or directly to the PCI add-on card they very
frequently lose connectivity and disappear from the list of drives.
Other devices seem to work okay.

Any ideas?

Re: annoying usb problem

badgolferman wrote:

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You're more likely to get help if you say what operating system you're
using.  Which motherboard might ring some bells.

I have added USB2 cards to several old machines, some with and some
without on-board USB1.  Except for two DOA cards, everything went well.
Under Debian Linux, I just installed the card and booted up.  For
Windows 2K, I needed to install the driver that came with the card.

To test whether the problem is hardware or software, try booting a
live-CD instead of whatever o/s you're running now.  Here's one: /

Re: annoying usb problem

badgolferman wrote:
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If your hub does not have it's own power supply, can it and get one that
does.  It's not supposed to matter if you're not drawing more than the
port you're plugged into can deliver, but it seems like those things are
always flaky.

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