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After installing a new Epson all-in-one printer, I am getting an annoying
popup whenever I start up the computer, directing me to 'please insert a
disk in drive F' (my DVD-ROM drive).  The message reappears when the desktop
is displayed.

The software loaded without a hitch and the printer works just fine.  I
tried placing the software disk in the drive, went through the menu until I
was offered to load additional software (which I really didn't need/want).
I then exited out and removed the disk.  The message still appears.

Anyone shed any light on this?  Thanks.


Re: annoying popup

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If no one can solve it in this group, try one of the microsoft.public (or is
it groups.

Re: annoying popup

HankG wrote:
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If you're using XP, try navigating to


in the registry, and searching there for the value that's starting this
thing with Windows. If you find it, try backing up the key (File ->
Export) then deleting the value.

Re: annoying popup

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until I
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I am using XP and went to the registry.  There was only one Epson key value
and it was for the drivers.

Your post did make me think about it and on a hunch, I ran msconfig and sure
enough, there was a new startup item.  It was related to a registration
reminder (which should not have raised up its head for two weeks.  I
unchecked the item and that cured the problem.

Thanks for your suggestion.


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