Ancient hardware pt2

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I recently went and tried to play with my old pcs.

ALL the compaqs have failed.
Portable 1, portable 286 (noth a portable 2 this is a bit different)
portable386 and a deskpro pentium. All are dead. All have worked
within the last year.

as is a PB pentium  and a Tandy.

All the macs, even the first one, still work.

I have zeneth data systems portable lunchbox looking deal, all the
manuals and disc, it seems dead.

I have a kaypro cpm system, all the manuals and disk and original
receipts, it still works.

Ibm ps/2s and a PS/2 all in one, they still work.

Apple 2e all manuals and disk still work. with working
monitors.working drives, 5.25 3.5
Apple2 gs works. But only tried with little apple monitor.

Amiga 500 all disk and books works with amiga monitor also

Atari something, 2 disk drives, roller ball all still in boxes with
extra books and disk, still works, has series of price tags showing

C64 in box. and c64 drives works.

IBM XT with extram ram and cgs card(also have 6 bit vga) still works.

NeXT cube, nothing else, just magnesium cube and that very pretty


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