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I have a unexpected problem with a project. Forgive the long
Friend of mine crashed her E-Machines. PSU went down and took the MoBo
with it.
I have a spare MoBo (ECS P4VXASD2+) socket 478, supports Intel Pentium
4 CPU's, 100Mhz/133Mhz clock speed.
I used the CPU from the E-Machines (Intel Celeron 1.7 Ghz), the HDD
(40 Gb), the FDD, the CD-ROM, a spare VGA PCI adapter (Diamond
Multimedia), DDR PC2700 memory (256Mb) and a new PSU (250W).
I had the CPU clock jumpers set to 100 Mhz. On boot I got 3 long
beeps. According to AMI this means bad memory. I fooled around using
also a stick of 128Mb DDR PC2100, tried both in both sockets, still 3
I changed the CPU jumpers back to 133 Mhz and no more beeps, but no
The Power LED is on, the CPU and PSU fans run, CD-ROM LED blinks a
fiew times, nothing on the HDD (no spin-up) or the FDD (no LED
blinking) and it does not wake up the monitor.
Any ideas and suggestions on this are appreciated. TIA

Re: AMI BIOS No boot wrote:
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Hearing the three beeps is a good thing, because to make the
beep pattern, the CPU must have executed some BIOS code. It
takes BIOS code to make the beeps. When you changed conditions to the
point of hearing no beeps, now the CPU is no longer executing
BIOS code. So I'd switch back to the 100MHz position.

According to the manual, jumper JP1 sets the voltage for the
RAM. If you had it set incorrectly, you may have blown the
RAM. DDR RAM is rated at 2.5V. SDRAM is rated at 3.3V. For
the DDR RAM, I think the jumper JP1 should be pulled, leaving
the header open circuit.


Re: AMI BIOS No boot

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I had this PC2700 RAM running on this board for years and did not
change the jumper.
The only thing changed is the CPU; Pentium 2.4Ghz to Celeron 1,7Ghz.
I am not sure if the board supports Celeron. Manual states Pentium 4
upt o 2.8Ghz

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