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I have an AMD SocketA 2800XP Barton. While my computer is not 64bit and not
cutting edge it is not a slouch either, It could be faster but it isn't bad.
When the first 754 64bits first started coming out they peeked my interest
and I wanted one but before they had been out much longer than 6 months the
939's came along and I read AMD was going to move everything to 939 so I
decided to just wait out for the 939's and skip the 754's completely.
Everything I read made the 754's sound like an unnecessary intermediate step
in the upgrade chain sort of like Windows ME being put inbetween 98 and XP.
    Now I hear Socket M2 is coming out and everything will be moving there.
This is where I get confused. That is what AMD said with the 939's and
everything has not moved to the 939's in fact when I look at NewEgg there
are more 754 CPUs out there that 939 even today .
    So my Question is AMD really going to move everything to the M2? If so I
will just skip the 754's and 939's. Dang I liked the Socket A days
everything from the lowest duron to the highest XP was on the same MB.

Re: AMD Socket Question

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Sure thats the plan but who knows what will really happen. We dont
have a crystal ball so anything is possible. Maybe they come out with
a M2 and then suddenly there are also things they dont like about it
and suddenly move on to a M3 or something. Nobody knows for certain.

The more important thing is how long can you wait? If you dont have
any pressing needs and you dont necessarily want to upgrade now then
of course dont upgrade. If you wait theres always something newer
right around the corner and prices drop on everything.

The thing is some articles claimed it was going to be out by this qtr.
Theres no way its coming out this qtr. Usually when something is
coming out there is relentless hype and details and speculation is
everywhere way before its out. So I figure at the earliest Summer or
so and probably later. The nforce4 was talked about forever and when
ALL the magazines etc said it would be out at XXX date for sure it
actually came out months and months later. I was waiting around in
Oct, Nov for them to come out and I didnt get my board until Feb !
They seemed to delay it a lot and even when it came out they kind of
dribbled out for months afterwards in small qtys.

If that happens and its out say Nov or so then figure it might cost an
arm and a leg for another 6 months thats like a year from now before
it even gets reasonable in cost unless they rush out some budget
versions  early. It could mean 1.5 years or so before they are on sale
at low prices like the dual cores are just starting to be sold at.
Thats like a lifetime in the PC world.

Everytime someone asks me what was around 3 -4 years ago let alone 6-8
years ago that seems like EONs ago like Im thinking back to the
Jurassic era. Even with this you never know and the M2 may come out
faster and catch on faster than anyone thinks but itll probably be a
long time to wait for a really cheap deal on a M2 system.

Of course its not just about M2s if you wait a year or so the X2s are
only going to get cheaper too so even if you waited another 3-6 months
and decided to get the X2 after all itll be cheaper then as well as
the 7800s etc.

I just decided to get a 7800GT tomorrow ! So Ill have both the X2 and
7800GT. Ive always wanted to try turning Anti Aliasing on and still
have decent framerates with settings on high quality and fairly high
resolution in games. The graphics look quite stunning even now. What I
notice now the most probably are jaggies.


Re: AMD Socket Question

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 19:53:07 -0600, "Joe"

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Yes.  They'll "most likely" do the same thing with socket
939 that they did with 754, keep using it for the lower end
parts.  M2 is the clear next platform though, and requiring
DDR2 memory and PCIe video, if you can hold out for a few
months that would be the best choice.  On the other hand,
that's from a performance and upgradeability standpoint.
Best bang for the buck is still going to be the aging mature
platform, currently the two aforementioned socket types.

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Yes it was a pretty good run for Socket A.  We can only hope
the same for M2.

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