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I am thinking of upgrading my computer and like the price of the AMD Sempron
2500. Can someone tell me, if the Sempron is an advancement of the Athlon XP
or the Duron. The only reason I ask is that I still see Athlon 2800+
processors for sale.


Re: AMD Sempron

JF wrote:
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If you can still find a Barton 2800+, take it over the Sempron. The former
has twice the L2 cache of the Sempron.

Re: AMD Sempron

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 18:47:28 GMT, "JF"

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Not an advancement, merely an Athlon XP with a 166MHz
(DDR333) FSB when formerly that (total MHz speed of) CPU in
the XP line would've had a lower XP(nnnn) name.  In other
words, a Sempron 2500 is significantly lower performance
than an Athlon XP2500.  As for whether it's a good upgrade,
you still have the same criteria, to look at what you have
and how much of an increase it is for the $$.

FWIW, the Sempron 2500 overclocks good just as Athlon XP
did, though with the multiplier locks you need a board that
can run DDR400/200MHz FSB and beyond to get the most out of
it... unless you're adept at manipulating the multiplier
bridges to achieve a different default multiplier, something
a Google search might turn up information on... or maybe
it's not practical on a Sempron 2500 due to it's default
multiplier, don't know as I've never checked on that angle.

Re: AMD Sempron

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Earlier this month I replaced the Athlon XP 2000+ in my office
computer with a Sempron 2400+ (not because I thought the
Sempron would be faster - long story, not relevant here). The
two have the same clock frequency of 1667 MHz but the
Sempron has a higher PR number because it's meant to
compete with a Celeron instead of a P4.

I ran a series of tests auto-routing some electronic PCB designs
just before and right after the change. They finished in exactly the
same time. I guess for certain applications, the Sempron 2400+
may have a very slight edge over the XP 2000+ because of the
higher FSB, but nothing really significant.

So I guess we can say Sempron 2400+ = Athlon XP 2000+,
and correspondingly so for other PR numbers.

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