AMD processor running hot on HP pavilion

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I have an HP Pavilion 761n desktop and the Windows XP has been crashing
randomly for the past few weeks consistently with BSoD every other day.
I suspect this might be a problem with CPU over heating.

This computer has AMD Athlon 1800 and I gathered from BIOS that CPU
temperature starts from 59c in the morning and goes up till 78c when it
crashes. BIOS also shows system fan running at 2109 RPM and CPU Fan
4218 RPM.

Is there a software application to monitor the CPU temperature while
running Windows (MBM program does not support HP Pavilion motherboards
:( )

Do I need to replace both CPU and system fans? Or is this a heat sink

TIA for your help.


Re: AMD processor running hot on HP pavilion

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the problem is with your cpu cooler...
check first to see if maybe it's just filled with dust...
and that it's seated properly...

otherwise replace it with a better one

Re: AMD processor running hot on HP pavilion

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 13:02:51 -0700, glm_007 wrote:

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It's a heatsink issue not a CPU problem. You could try removing the CPU,
cleaning off the thermal paste with alcohol or contact cleaner and then
replacing it with fresh thermal paste and reseating your heatsink. However
since you have to remove the heatsink anyway you should take the
opportunity to put on a better cooler. They don't cost very much, for $20
you can get a really good CPU cooler. Check the hardware sites like
Tom's or Anand for recommendations, but generally if you get a copper
cooler from Thermaltake, Zalman or Coolermaster it will be better then
what you have now. A new cooler will come with thermal tape which will be
the correct thickness. If you end up just putting on fresh thermal
compound remember that a little dab will do you, i.e. don't put on too

The other thing you should do is see if the exhaust fans or the CPU
heatsink is clogged up with dust. Your problem might be solvable with a
vacuum cleaner.

Re: AMD processor running hot on HP pavilion

Check the Capacitors on the motherboard. Chances are the capacitors have
gone bad (Bulgind top or leaking already) especially around the CPU area.
I had to repalce 11 bad capacitors on the HP Pavilion 761N Tower that I put
together for my son.

Dewaine wrote:

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Re: AMD processor running hot on HP pavilion

Those temperatures certainly are too high for the system to operate reliably,
and AMD processors tend to run hot.   If this is a recent problem, one cause
could be a clutter of dust and dirt which prevents proper ventilation.  Before
doing anything else, I would open up the case and use a can of compressed air to
blast all the dust from the heat sink, processor cooling fan, inside the power
supply including its fan, and anywhere else dust and dirt may have collected.

Look inside the plastic front bezel for accumulated dust, dirt, and debris.

If you have dogs or cats running around, you may see hair collected inside the
computer case.

If a good blasting out of the dust and dirt does not help the computer to run
more reliably, then look for a better heat sink/cooling fan and maybe even add
an auxilairy cooling fan to push hot air out of the chassis... Ben Myers

On 18 Sep 2005 13:02:51 -0700, wrote:

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Re: AMD processor running hot on HP pavilion

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I agree with your other replies here - check the heatsink is clear of dust
and filth, but also check that it is still firmly attached to the CPU (not
come loose). Check that the fan is spinning properly (BIOS says it is, but
check anyway).

Have you added any new hardware into the PC lately? Perhaps everything is
just getting too hot inside. If the case temperature is very high, then the
CPU cooler won't work - can't cool anything with hot air! If that is the
case, (running with the side off the case will test that), then you need a
case fan or two. Check that the fan on the power supply hasn't failed - that
will severly shorten the life on the PSU and also significantly reduce the
air flow through your case.

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