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Hi All,

I'm planning to purchase a laptop and I have shortlisted the following: /

Both have 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM. The first one is an AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile
Technology TL-50 with 2 x 256 kB L2 Cache and the second one is an
1.66GHz Core Duo with 2 MB L2 Cache.

Both the laptops come for the same price.

Now which one do I opt for ?

Does the AMD Turion 64 X2 compensate for the higher cache level in
Intel Duo Core ?


Re: AMD or Intel

Prash wrote:

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question should be what do you want the laptop for then go from there

Re: AMD or Intel

I may use for Games and some Computational stuff like Image processing
algorithms in MATLAB or C !

Darklight wrote:
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Re: AMD or Intel

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After looking around a bit, the Intel processor is probably a bit
faster, but a more critical issue is the graphics in both of your
prospective laptops. One laptop has Intel integrated graphics, and
the AMD based product doesn't even state what graphics solution is
used (it could be an SIS chipset or something). Those kinds of
graphics solutions use main memory to hold textures and contents
of frame buffers, and that is not a high performance method.

If you want to play 3D games with decent performance, you should
look for a product that has a separate GPU. That will likely
raise the price quite a bit, unless all you wanted to play was
Windows Solitaire.

Even this notebook only has an ATI X700 in it.

This one is $2300+ and has a GeForce Go 7900 GTX for a GPU.
Now this would be more of a gaming machine, assuming you put
a good processor in there.


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Re: AMD or Intel

On 9 Aug 2006 05:42:57 -0700, "Prash"

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I believe the latter notebook you linked previously with the
AMD CPU, has ATI 1100 series integrated video which "might"
be slightly faster at gaming the the Intel integrated video
but not enough to matter, you'll need a separate video card
based solution for any semi-modern 3D gaming.

The closest thing to that price range in an Acer that might
be moderately suitable for gaming, "might" be this one with
Mobility X1600,

X1600 isn't the best for gaming today, but as always you
have price-point vs performance, it'll play a lot of titles
so long as you don't crank up FSAA or AF too high.

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