AMD/MSI Temp Anomaly

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I have two machines both running the MSI Neo2 Platinum board with AMD
Athlon 64 3000+ (Venice) CPUs, 1 gig RAM. Other hardware varies

All works as advertised but there is one anomaly that both suffer from
that I'm curious about.

I get lot of power outages up here in the mountains so the PCs, while
normaly running 24/7, get powered down for a while on a semi-regular
basis. Once restarted, MBM shows the CPU on both machines running at
about 2 - 3 degrees C higher than typical.

A reboot drops the temperature on both to typical ranges.

I would have thought a perhaps a fan was running slower on restart or
something but since it happens to both PCs, it seems it must be
specific to either the motherboard, CPU, or combination of the two.

Is this a known behavior? Anyone else notice this with similar setups?

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