amd cpu shows different values (HELP)

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I have this processor
amd turion 64 mobile technology ml-32
on a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1650G  laptop
it is supposed to be 1800 Mhz

Windows XP sees it like 800 Mhz and another software(a chess computing engine)
also recognizes it
like 800Mhz

But Everest says 1800 Mhz

who is wrong?
what should I do?

Re: amd cpu shows different values (HELP)

what does the BIOS say

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Re: amd cpu shows different values (HELP)

Somewhere on teh intarweb "tpow" typed:
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Re: amd cpu shows different values (HELP)

Nick Fowle wrote:
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There is a feature called "Cool N' Quiet", which is similar
to Intel EIST (SpeedStep). Your processor runs at 800MHz, when
the computing load is load. Your processor runs at 1800MHz, when
the CPU is loaded 100% (both cores busy). The OS makes adjustments
to the operating speed (FID) and voltage (VID) up to 30 times
per second. The feature helps to keep the computer cool, when
the CPU is not being heavily used.

Cool N' Quiet / Powernow

So first, you need a program that can cause 100% CPU loading.
For example, Prime95 from . Unzip the program,
then execute the EXE. When prompted to "Join GIMPS" or "Torture
Test", select the Torture Test option. A custom dialog box
will appear. There will be a stated amount of memory to test.
Reduce that amount of memory a bit, leaving some memory for
other tools to run. When you say OK, the program will start
a test. The program will keep both your CPU cores busy.

Now, use a utility to test the CPU speed. Does it read 1800MHz now ?
When the processor is under full load, the core clock should read
the full 1800MHz value.

If you still aren't satisfied with the results, see the Power_Now2.pdf
document above. Set the "Power Options" Control Panel to "Always On".
Does the CPU read 1800MHz now ? I believe the Always On option, will
leave the processor running in the high power state, reducing the
battery life.


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