AMD CPU'S Machester vs Windsor

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Is there a difference?? and what?

Re: AMD CPU'S Machester vs Windsor

On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 01:54:40 GMT, "Haggar"

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Well I think that Windsor was introed with the Am2 socket CPUs. The
Manchester cores were used along with others in the 939 socket format.
I know some Manchesters had 512 cache sizes and the Winsors I think
have 1 meg and 2 meg.

There are probably some other imrprovements with the Windsor ---- the
AM2s are the current socket for AMD and they use DDR2.  However they
both are 90nm CPUs.  Everyones waiting for AMD to move to the 65nm
process and come out with a new design that can compete with the INTEL
core duos better.

Obviously Id get a AM2 or windsor unless the 939s were substantially
cheaper since they are the the older socket being phased out. Not that
a 939 system is bad ---- the performance isnt much different between
two CPUs that are rated close to each other and there are lots of 939
CPUs around. It all depends on whether you have DDR laying around
though thats not even that big of a deal as memory isnt that
expensive. I wouldnt go out and buy DDR though as DDR2 is what both
INTEL and AMD now use.

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