AMD Athlon XP2800 or CeleronD345?

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I am looking for an Athlon XP2800+ CPU to upgrade my PC:

By it seems to me that they ar equite expensive now.

Should Ijust ditch the old MB, and buy a new MB a a newer CPU?

I mean, I can get a
Intel Celeron D 345 3.06 GHz
and a
ASRock P4I65G R2.0 - Mainboard

for the same price as 1 AMD Athlon XP2800+.

And it seems to me that I can reuse my RAM modules.

Any input?


Re: AMD Athlon XP2800 or CeleronD345?

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Check prices and the CPU charts. It might be possible to
get an Athlon64 or Sempron for the same kind of dollars.
AMD dropped their pricing on a certain number of products,
to make them competitive in the low end of the market.

According to this chart, the S939 Athlon64 3000+ Venice
is third from the top in price/performance. The Pentium D 805
dual core is not far behind, but that assumes you could make
good use of a dual. For gaming, a single core CPU might be
a better fit.

These are the prices I could find for your proposed solution.
I could find a Cel 340 S478, but didn't find a Cel 345.

"ASRock P4i65G Socket 478 Intel 865G Micro ATX $44"

"Intel Celeron D 340 Prescott 2.93GHz 256KB L2 Cache Socket 478 $69"

This is the cheapest build I can do with a Venice.

"AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1.8GHz Socket 939 ADA3000BPBOX $64"

This is a Plain Jane motherboard, and apparently doesn't support
overclocking. I only picked this because it was the cheapest board :-)
The built-in graphics are probably not the best.

"MSI 761GM2-V Socket 939 SiS 761 GX Micro ATX $47"

So, the Venice 3000+ is in the same ballpark.

I think the difference between these two solutions, is the
motherboards. You are probably right to select the Asrock
board, as it is more likely to work for you. Looking at a
bunch of S939 boards on Newegg, I really cannot match the
Asrock 865 board and give you a troublefree solution. At
least that is the feeling I get from reading the customer
reviews. To give you a good S939 solution, I'd probably
recommend an A8N5X from Asus, and to get video, then you
need a low end PCI Express x16 video card. So then I'm
not even close to matching the Celeron solution. If some of
the other boards were more trouble-free, I'd feel more
comfortable recommending the S939 solution.


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