AMD 6000 64 bit- what is the fastest ram that the CPU will run at?

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I am going to get a AMD 6000 64 bit CPU- what is the fastest ram speed
that the CPU will run at?
doesnt it come down to FSB of the motherboard?
What is the best Motherboard, thinking of getting MSI.  Staying clear
of Gigabyte & asus.

Re: AMD 6000 64 bit- what is the fastest ram that the CPU will run at? wrote:
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This article is not the best, but it is the first thing close to
relevant. The official top speed is DDR2-800, but you can overclock,
to get the memory bus to go faster. It is all a question, of whether
the extra money spent, gives anything in return.

The table on this page, shows the scaling when moving from
DDR2-400 through DDR2-800. You can get some idea of how many
percentage points, an incremental change in frequency is going
to give, from that table. I would prefer to see an actual
table entry for up around DDR2-1000, but again, this is the
first article I found.

The highest number I see in the AMD doc, is DDR2-800, and whether
it uses DDR2-800 or DDR2-742, depends on whether the multiplier
is odd or even.

To see some people having fun with four sticks, command rate 2T,
above DDR2-800, there are some pictures here. At least one guy,
has a copy of Clockgen from on his screen, so I presume
he is cranking it while in Windows. Changing the CPU clock from the
default, is how both the CPU core and memory get raised at the
same time. Cranking the core multiplier down, is how you can
boost the memory, without pushing the core quite as hard. The
processors usually have a limited set of multiplier values.

So four sticks at DDR2-1000 seems to be a reasonable upper
limit for the memory bus. But if it costs $100's of dollar
to get there, is it worth it ?


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