AMD 333 vs 400

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Is there a noticable difference between an AMD socket A Barton 333 bus speed
and 400 bus speed?

Is it worth upgrading form one to the other?



Re: AMD 333 vs 400

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It's extremely unlikely you will find it cost effective.
A 20% increase will be close to unnoticeable even if
you buy faster memory, in which case the cost goes through
the roof.
It's a sad fact that upgrading CPUs is only practical for
gamers who
want to squeeze a few more frames per second out of their

Re: AMD 333 vs 400

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005 12:24:42 -0600, "Christopher"

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You aren't upgrading from one to the other, you'd be
upgrading the whole CPU and it's internal speed too, yes?
Hopefully, since the difference between the two bus speeds
is not enough by itself to warrant an upgrade.

It is an increase though, if you were to happen to have an
unlocked CPU (like a Mobile Barton) and the choice of what
setting to use (providing motherboard and memory support
your choices of course) then certainly the few % benefit is
worth chosing.

Upgrading just the CPU when you already have a barton is not
worthwhile... you'd  have to spend about $300 to get a new
board and CPU, even more to get one of the faster Athlon 64
for the most noticable benefit... though it depends on tasks
too, whether the CPU is the bottleneck at all.

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