All that work and now...

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A few weeks back I had posted about a laptop I repaired that had the  
inspection sticker come loose and stick in the CPU cooling fan.

Well that laptop only lasted about two more weeks...
the owner said it got wet so she bought a new one.
I told her I take the old one for the parts.

Cat pissed in it!

She did not tell me that over the phone!

When I got home I set in the the back hall and my own cats went right to it!

Today, I pulled the hard drive and ram (which are fine).

I'm going to put it in the sun and after the smell dissipates
take it to the recycling center and be done with it.

You could say that all the work I did on it just got pissed away!

Re: All that work and now...

philo  wrote:
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Cats have a finely tuned sense of humor.

They can smell when something expensive is in the room.


Re: All that work and now...

On 06/29/2013 08:55 AM, Paul wrote:
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My cat has never pissed on anything...
she just decided the new carpet was a nice place to scratch.

Now my wife and I have to keep a squirt gun handy.

Re: All that work and now...

philo  wrote:
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For such a small animal, cats seem to have a pretty large bladder.

One day, I was assisting with some "cat maintenance",
removal of fur balls. I'm the guy who "holds the cat",
so someone else is free to do the maintenance. I had
my "cat oven mitts" on, to avoid being scratched. The
cat is beginning to get a bit worried, what with the
sound of scissors, and me firmly holding the cat with
my gloved hands. The cat is on its back, lying in my
lap (weapon facing away from me!). So the cat decides
to take a piss, right then and there. And the volume,
would make any sailor proud :-) What a mess.
Let your cat out... early and often :-)

I expect this is a defensive weapon, when teeth and claws just
aren't enough. That's why they store so much of it. Ready
for any occasion. It's a good thing we weren't over
carpeting at the time.


Re: All that work and now...

Hard to believe,  Paul!


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