ADSL router

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I have a usr 9105 that often needs to be rebooted and has trouble keeping up
with lots of
connections. I was thinking that maybe I should get something more modern, and I
found two

The first is this Linksys router,

couldn't find any details on it, but the linksys name seems to enjoy a good

The second one was a surprise, an ASUS product in a white shell and a very small
I can't recall its name but had "30" in it. It was also very affordable, half
the price
of the linksys and the features seemed the same (but obviously the internals
will be

The strange thing is that I searched online and couldn't find it, even on the
site of
the store I saw it in.

So what do you think of that? Is any of those products better than my existing
both in terms of bogomips&memory and configuration options?

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