adoben flash player won't download?????

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I use to be able to watch you tube on my computer, but now I can't.I have
tried many times to download adobe flash player and others but no luck. Does
it have anything to do with the fact I was told that wininit.ini file was a
trojan and to delete it, so I did ......How do I get it back and how do I get
the dame flash player to down load.

Re: adoben flash player won't download?????

On Sat, 02 Aug 2008 10:40:44 +0000, joplin5150 wrote:

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check that all the screws are tight.

<well what other answer is applicable in a hardware group>

Re: adoben flash player won't download?????

joplin5150 wrote:
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I had some fun with this as well.

I was running an 8 version of Flash, and got an "alert" message at login, that
Flash needed to be updated. (The alert was months late, as the release in
didn't come out yesterday.)

I tried using the "web based" update, and the download of would
and then a message would come up "failed to authenticate". Implying that the
checksum (or certificate or whatever), wasn't working. I tried looking for
info, but that didn't get me anywhere. So I decided to look for a standalone
installer, something that could be completely downloaded, without any crappy
"web" type issues.

This is the page with some downloads. I took the file at the top, and for
one uninstaller app from the bottom of the page.

(42,283,226 bytes  -- version

When you unzip, there will be a Release folder. There are three files of interest
in there.

FlashPlayer.exe   (Standalone player, like a media player. I didn't bother with

Install Flash Player 9 ActiveX.msi  (this one installs Flash for IE)

Install Flash Player 9 Plugin.msi   (this one installs Flash for Firefox, or
other "netscape" browsers)

I also found an uninstaller, but I wouldn't bother with this, unless all
else fails. I think I may have uninstalled the previous Flash using "Add/Remove",
and then just used the two named .msi files above.


I don't typically do a lot of Flash or movie playing, but figure I'd share
what I learned by wasting my time with Adobe (and the lack of quality
control at Macromedia). Since some hardware companies in Taiwan insist
on using Flash, I needed Flash to work on at least one browser.

I don't leave Flash working in Firefox. Once I ran the Plugin.msi installer
and tested that it worked, I went to the plugins folder of Firefox, and
removed NPSWF32.dll and NPSWF32_FlashUtil.exe. In the URL bar in Firefox,
you can type "about:plugins" to verify it is gone.

In Internet Explorer, this page can be used to verify the version.

    Version:        Win 9,0,124,0
    Debug Player:   No

    Operating System:  Windows 2000
    Video Capable:     Yes
    Audio Capable:     Yes
    Local File I/O:    Yes

Good luck,

Re: adoben flash player won't download?????

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I can't be sure it'll work in  your case, but whenever I've had the
problem of not being able to download Flash from the Adobe website, I
go to the Mass. State Lottery website,    Part of
the page requires Flash to display properly, and prompts for a
download of it.  Give it about 15 seconds or so.  This has
consistently worked for me often enough that I routinely use this
method of installing Flash for work (recycling old PCs, which includes
fresh Windows installs plus necessary software for browsing).

Hope this helps.

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