adding RAM to Abit KX7-333

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What is required to add RAM to a KX7-333 motherboard?  I currently have
512 meg of PC2700 RAM (two 256 meg sticks.)  I want to add a 1 gig PC2700
stick.  The motherboard should handle 1.5 gig of RAM and more, according
to the manual, but I can't get it to work (even with the 1 gig stick
alone.)  The computer doesn't boot - just a blank screen.  Is there
something I have to set in bios to change the memory total, or are there
jumpers to set?  It shouldn't be this difficult to add memory.  I can't
find anything in the manual to help with this.

Thanks for any help,



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Re: adding RAM to Abit KX7-333 wrote:
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Is the memory from Ebay perhaps ?

Ebay sellers like to sell you 1GB modules based on 128Mx4 chips.
Usually the advert contains a list of chipsets known to work with
it. What does that mean ? It means it isn't compatible with everything.
This is the text from a typical Ebay advert.

This is 2 x 1GB PC2100 266MHZ desktop memory for the listed boards only,
this will not work on any other boards so check before you buy!


VIA P4X266A,
VIA KT266/333
VIA KT600 (except ASUS KT600
SIS 645
SIS 648
KT 880
KT 400
KT 400A
SIS 655
SIS 650

There is a little info here on high density memory:

If you bought the memory from Crucial or Kingston, and searched
their database with your motherboard name, I bet you'd get some
nice 64Mx8 based low density 1GB memory that would work. This is
an example of how Kingston makes a 1GB module

Even if the people on Ebay were giving their 1GB memory away
for free, I wouldn't take it.

Here is a rule of thumb - if you see a 1GB unbuffered DDR module for
sale on Ebay, don't buy it. Why risk that it won't work, despite
the above list ? If the advert includes a restricted list of
motherboards for its usage, stay away from it, far away.

Also, if you get memory from a company that offers a
warranty, you have some protection if there is an early
failure. I've bought bargain RAM twice from local computer
stores in town, only to have it fail at about 1.5 years or
so. The memory only had a 1 year warranty. The memory
I've subsequently bought direct from Crucial, all still
works. Quite a coincidence.


Re: adding RAM to Abit KX7-333

On Feb 17, 4:27 pm, wrote:
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It is possible you have to clear the CMOS first, or perhaps you have a
dead slot (try a different slot). Another theory is that the RAM
stick is incompatible, which MIGHT be cured with a bios upgrade.  Also
possible that the ram stick is dead.

Sorry for the staccato, It's late.

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