Adding a 2nd KVM switch

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I have been using a 4 port Cybex SwitchView for years without problems.
  I'd like to add a second SwitchView so as to switch two monitors.

I'm guessing that all this KVM switch does is "listen" to the keyboard
data as it passes through to/from each selected computer to recognize
the switch commands

<CNTRL><CNTRL><workstation ID letter><ENTER>.

If this is the case what I propose to do is leave the existing
SwitchView cabled as it is, take a second SwitchView (which I have) and
connect the second monitor ports from each workstation and the cable to
the second monitor to it.  The only other connection to the second
SwitchView will be from a y-cable so that the same keyboard connection
made to the primary SwitchView is also connected to the keyboard
connector on the second SwitchView.

Does anyone see a problem with this?


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