Adapter - Computer Monitor For TV?

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I have a computer monitor (CRT) that I would like to use for a TV.

I have a cable box that I can use for a tuner, is there an adapter
that I can use to "plug" the cable output into the monitor?

Re: Adapter - Computer Monitor For TV?

Ron wrote:
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A search on "composite to VGA" came up with this as an example solution.
This box takes composite or S-Video and drives VGA with it.

This box is more sophisticated, and handles component input. It
also describes the output resolution used (implying resampling).

Startech has a few more boxes on this page.

If the design is a simple one, the TV signal would give 30 odd and
30 even frames a second, with 262.5 lines per frame (this is from memory).
If you fed that to an LCD, I don't know if it would accept it or not.
Maybe they just use 240 of the lines, and do 640x480 somehow.

A CRT might be more forgiving, in terms of accepting a simple translation
of a video signal. My old multisync CRT monitor, would accept four custom
resolutions, and store the settings in memory. So at least it could
handle the unexpected (until you hit the upper and lower limits
for the monitor, whatever they were).

Here is mention of another cheap converter box: (see "SCART to VGA" section)

OK, the page mentioned a couple of chips being used.
This is the AL250 they mentioned, and it is a "Video Scan Doubler
(De-Interlacer)". So that is how they go from interlaced to progressive
for the monitor.

The SAA7111 takes the composite or S-video, and digitizes it. That is where
the input for the AL250 comes from. =[type=product,path=,final=SAA7111_3]|pip=[pip=SAA7111_3][0]

Have fun,

Re: Adapter - Computer Monitor For TV?

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it =[type=product,path=,final=SAA7111_3]|pip=[pip=SAA7111_3][0]
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Great info, thanks!!!!

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