Adaptec 2400A Speed

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I recently bought Adaptec 2400A IDE RAID Controller, and I have
troubles with it. I saw that many users written on Internet about
this, but i did not seen any solution that is why i am asking.

I have very low transfer speeds form RAID it is about (25 MB/s). I
Have 3 HDD WD800JB 8MB 7200RPM, when i connect drive to normal
Motherboard controller i get transfers about 40MB/s, but when i
connect 3 the same drives to 2400A controller and set RAID 0 for them
i get only 20MB/s Why is that ?

I have the newest available bios from Adaptec website, rest of

P4 1.8 GHz
ASUS P4B266 Motherboard

3x WD800JB HDD, connected by cables shipped with controller.
stripe set to 128kb

I read all Knowledge Base on Adaptec page and WDC. Tried all solutions
i can find there with no result. Please help me.

Kind Regards

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