Acer Travelmate laptop: broken expansion ram slot ??

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Hi all,

I have an Acer Travelmate 8006 LMI laptop and I have done a ram upgrade into
expansion slot. Result: it doesn't turn on, hard disk led flashes for some
milliseconds and stops.
Of course leaving ram from expansion slot it turns on like before.

I'd like to know possible reasons, I have thought to 3 possibilities (I'll
have to test with another ram package PC2700):

1) lost expansion slot (I needed to work with screwdriver to polish the
plastic piece on the slot wich divides the two group of contacts because it
wasn't aligned with the hole on the slot. I could have make some damage even
if I was very soft!)

2) principal ram is PC2700 (512MB), new one put into slot is PC5400 (1 GB)
(Kingstone and certified for Acer). Maybe some conflicts ? CPU is Centrino 2
GHz with FSB at 100MHz.
I'll try with PC2700 1GB. Laptop supports 2 GB ram , one for slot

3) new ram damaged

I need kindly a suggestion.

Thanks and best regards,

Re: Acer Travelmate laptop: broken expansion ram slot ??

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 08:43:32 +0100, "Alessandro"

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You mean, that the keying in the slot indicated that the new
module is not compatible and that you applied brute force to get
it in anyway ?

Kind regards,
Gerard Bok

Re: Acer Travelmate laptop: broken expansion ram slot ??

Gerard Bok wrote:
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On the Crucial site, they list some PC2700 DDR unbuffered non-ECC SODIMM modules
compatible with the Acer Travelmate 8000 series.

Pull the original memory and the new memory modules, and compare the design
of the modules. Are the number of contacts on the edge connector of
each the same ? Perhaps you bought DDR2 memory for your new module by mistake ?

Your old module may be similar to this one, in terms of physical
characteristics. There are 200 contacts on the module, 100 on each
side. The contacts have odd numbers on one side, and even on the
other. There are 20 contacts, an area for the key, and 80 more contacts.

Here is a picture of a DDR SODIMM module.

Wikipedia also has this warning.

    "The 200-pin SO-DIMM has two variations for locating the notch which
     are nearly indistinguishable to the naked eye. If the notch is located
     further outboard, it indicates the DDR class of memory. When the notch
     is located nearer the center of the board, it indicates DDR2. These two
     types of memory are not interchangeable, and the different notch locations
     prevent incorrect installation. The 200-pin SO-DIMM depicted in the
     accompanying photograph has the notch slightly outboard, and is thus DDR.
     Caution should be exercised when visually identifying 200-pin SO-DIMM

In the above DDR SODIMM KVR333X64SC25_1G.pdf document, the center of the notch is
at 2.15+11.40+1.8 = 15.35mm. In the following DDR2 SODIMM document, the
notch is at 16.25mm. So the DDR2 module has the notch about 1mm further
from the module edge.


The plastic key is there for a reason - to protect you from inserting the wrong
memory. Filing off the key is not the answer... Sawing a new slot in
the SODIMM is not the answer either... (Yes, someone actually did
that, then posted to ask why the module did not work :-) ) I hope
there is no permanent damage electrically.


Re: Acer Travelmate laptop: broken expansion ram slot ??

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 08:43:32 +0100, "Alessandro"

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PC2-5400 (DDR2) SO-DIMMs are not compatible with a PC-2700
(DDR1) slot.

It seems you have tried to force the wrong kind of memory
into the slot, so you may now have permanent damage.  At
this point it would be best to take the system to a laptop
shop so they can try the proper memory and see if there is
damage to the laptop, or enough damage to the memory slot
that it isn't usable anymore.

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