Acer Travelmate 512t and Windows XP solution

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Since i knew that Windows XP is not running on a TM512t and i felt
bored in my holidays, I spent a bit time to find out what the problem
is. I tried a lot of possible things like under/over clocking, ram
changes and stuff like that. At least i removed the cable of the
Touchpad and until this time, Windows XP didn't freeze anymore.. You
can't connect a PS/2-mouse on the PS/2 Port, because than it freezes
too. The Mouse/PS/2 controller on the motherboard must be incompatible
or instable with windows XP. You have to use a USB-Mouse. Than it works
fine, i had no freezes anymore.

The execution of the following guide is under own danger!!

If you want to disable the Touchpad, you have to remove the Keyboard.
first remove the small round thing under the "TravelMate 512T" font on
the opened Display. Please be careful, because under this protection is
the display cable . now you have to push the long black border
crosswise to the left side. If you did that, its possible to take it
away. Now it's possible to fold the keybord from the upper side. don't
remove the cable of the keyboard!! Please be shure, that youre
antistatic now! now you can see a silver plate with 5 screws. remove
them (with the help of a magnet) and push this plate to the left side.
Please be Careful, because under tzhis plate is the CPU. Then remove
it. now you can see two cables: a brown and a green flatbound cable.
remove the green one. Please isolate the pins of the cable with tesa or
any isolation tape. now you can put the silver plate again on the
place. the pins of the plate have to get into the right place. put the
screws in, the keyboard on it, the border crosswise and at last the
display protection. Now its possible to install Windows XP and run it..
I am really happy since I can run Win XP: Its faster and safer than any
other Windows. Full Hardware recognition. So, a lot of fun with your
your Philipp, from Germany

P.S.: I'm sorry for my English ;-)

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