ACER LCD....niggle

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IT installed a new ACER AL2032WA 20" LCD on my comp yesterday. It's the 3rd
in our office of this spec.

While these are very nice Brite screens, when sitting in front of mine I had
the impression it was not level so measuring the height from its right lower
corner to the desk it transpired to be 3mm lower than the left hand side.
This may not sound much but it is an engineer.

Both other users sat at my desk and confirmed my findings and both had that
sloping feeling.  We then measured the other 2 screens and they were
identical......a 3mm slope to the right.

There is no method of levelling these in the horizontal plane, it only
appears to swivel in one plane. They also do not raise and lower which is
again odd.

Surely they should have got this right.....or is there a hidden method of
levelling other than a wedge under the right foot.


Re: ACER LCD....niggle

Lez Pawl wrote:
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As an engineer (if your 2023 is like my 2021), you'll probably have noticed
a plastic cover over the tilt mechanism (one each end). These are easily
pulled off to reveal the screws which hold the bracket to the main body of
the monitor. Check to see if the screws can be adjusted.

Re: ACER LCD....niggle

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I will look again on Monday but when 3 engineers have looked and could not
find anything to remove, turn or tweak I feel confident there is its very odd they are all the same.


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